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Patti Mansfield

Coordinator, Catholic Charismatic Renewal, New Orleans, LA

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C1101A St. Therese and Healing

St. Therese and Healing

By Patti Mansfield From Workshop 1A at the 2011 SCRC Convention: "One Body, One Spirit" in Anaheim, CA Many friends of St. Therese of Lisieux know...
C1703A The Spirit and the Bride Say "Come"

The Spirit and the Bride Say "Come"

By Patti Mansfield Cardinal Suenens wrote, "In her testimony, Patti also links to the Baptism in the Spirit the name and the spiritual maternity of...
C1401B The Tongue is a Fire

The Tongue is a Fire

By Patti Mansfield St. James teaches that anyone who can control his speech is a perfect person. Taming the tongue is a lifelong challenge but...
C1104B Viva Padre Pio!

Viva Padre Pio!

By Patti Mansfield Even though Patti never met Padre Pio before his death in 1968, she has profoundly experienced the charisms of this great Saint...

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