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"Thy Kingdom Come" Leaders Manual


The "Thy Kingdom Come" Seminar Leaders Manual compliments the Seminar's DVD set.

The seminar is a wonderful resource for groups desiring inspirational and instructive talks but are unable to secure live speakers. The series is also great for prayer groups, bible studies, and for others to whom you wish to bring these great speakers.

The seminar is divided into two basic phases. The first phase centers on our relationship with the Divine Trinity. The second phase focuses on spiritual growth.

The Leaders Manual gives a seminar leader a step-by-step walk through of how to conduct a "Thy Kingdom Come" seminar, complete with session breakdowns, teaching outlines, and advice on how to effectively lead groups in prayer and learning.

The manual is authored by Dominic Berardino with theological consultant Fr. Ralph T. Tichenor, S.J.

Also available: The "Thy Kingdom Come" Participants Booklets for those participating in the DVD seminar.

See below for links to the Seminar Set and Participants Booklet.

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