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Everyday Healing Power

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By Deacon Steve Greco

From the January 30, 2010 "The Healing Journey" conference in Duarte, California.

Everyday healing power is recognizing that Christ loves us so much that He wants to heal us spiritually, emotionally, and physically on a daily basis. Each day can be a day of healing when we seek Jesus with all our heart, soul, might, and strength

There are seven components of being healed everyday:

H is for holiness. It is becoming holy and being healed in every way according to the will of the Father.

E is for the Eucharist that will transform us into His image and heal us of our wounds.

A is for assisting others through prayer and service that will heal us as we embody James 5:16, ?pray for one another so that we may be healed.?

L is for love which will transform and heal us into the image of Christ's love.

I is for intercession that will allow us to be Christ's instrument on earth and be healed of our most important needs.

N is for nullify that our sins will be taken away and we will be spiritually healed and blessed eternally.

G is for gratitude for all that God has given us; a gratitude that will transform us, heal us and bless us.

We can never outdo God?s generosity, love, and His desire for us to live a life of grace.

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