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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Costs:

SCRC charges as close as possible to the USPS postage rate based on the weight of your order and packaging. We also charge $3.00 per order in handling fees ($5.00 international).

Processing Your Order:

SCRC seeks to ship your orders as soon as possible after payment is made.

However, as a small non-profit organization, sometimes delays are inevitable. Please allow up to one week before your item is shipped and additional time for the shipment to arrive to you, based on the method of delivery you have chosen.

Ocassionally during times when SCRC is very busy (usually surrounding the dates of the annual Convention), SCRC may limit shipping speed options to only "media mail", which the the cheapest USPS shipping method, available only to book, cd, and other media orders. We do this so that the buyer is protected from choosing a faster (and more expensive) delivery method during times when we cannot process orders quickly.

In-store pickups can be made one week from payment, however, you can contact SCRC or check your order status after logging in to see if your order is ready for pickup. If it is marked as "shipped", it is available for in store pickup.

Returns and Exchanges:

Exchanges and returns resulting from an error by SCRC will be made at no additional cost to you. Please contact SCRC to make arrangements, and include your order number and the reason for the error in your communication.

Other arrangements for exchanges or returns can be done on a case-by-case basis. Please contact SCRC for more information.

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