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Generational Healing

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Generational Healing
Sat, Oct 13 2018
9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Praying for Our Loved Ones, Living and Deceased
• Are you experiencing the "sinful weight" of your ancestors?

• How do the negative spiritual consequences of past generations impact us in the present?

• Seeking the mercy and power of God to heal our family trees.

• Mass and prayer the for healing of generations.

Fr. Teo Dirk Kranz
Founder and President,
Fundacion San Miguel
Archangel Healing Ministry

MC for the Day:
Dominic Berardino
President, SCRC - Burbank, CA
Preparing your own personal genogram will help you pray more specifically for your family members/immediate ancestry. A blank genogram will be mailed to all who pre-register before October 8.

You can download your Genogram by clicking here.

Bring your completed genogram to the conference.

A Special Mass will be offered for all living and deceased loved ones. Your genogram will be placed on the altar.

A prayer wall will be constructed with pictures of your deceased family members and friends to be prominently placed near the altar during the Eucharist being offered for them. Bring copies or reproductions of family portraits, and/or funeral mass cards. (Please do not bring originals in case they are lost or damaged.)
St. Robert Bellarmine Parish
133 N. Fifth St.
Burbank, CA

Registration Cost by October 8: $25
Thereafter: $30

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