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Youth Group Online Registration

Benefits of Registering Online

  • Special Online Discount: 1 free ticket for every 10 tickets after the first 10*. See details below.
  • Youth Group Discounted Prices: Pre-registration prices extended until online registration ends, just before the Convention.
  • Quick and easy payment process with a credit card or bank account.
  • Manage registrations online by adding their names and ages to your list, and tracking if and when SCRC has received their signed permission slips.
  • Easily add on new tickets to your group.
  • Click Here to Get Started!

Online Registration Procedures

The youth minister or other designated group leader must be the one registering. If you are registering your teen separately as part of a larger group, you must do so under the normal registration procedure.

  1. Log In: Create an account with your contact details or log in using your existing credentials.
  2. Ticket Quantity: When prompted, enter the number of each ticket type you will be registering at this time (you can always add more later).
    • On the right side enter the number of chaperones that will be part of that ticket number. For instance, if you are buying 20 Teen Conference tickets, and 4 will be chaperones, enter "20" on the left, and "4" on the right.
    • All chaperones MUST be 21 years or older.
    • There must be 1 chaperone for every 10 high school students or every 5 middle school students.
  3. Contact Info: Enter the on-site contact info of the group leader.
  4. Order Total: Review your order.
  5. Make Payment: Pay for reserved tickets with any major credit card.
    • If your credit card is not accepted for any reason, you can contact SCRC to make a payment by phone or make other arrangements.
  6. Add the names and ages to your group list online. You can log into your SCRC account here.
  7. Download and distribute SCRC teen registration/permission forms (parent signature required!)
  8. Complete and Sign SCRC teen registration/permission forms.
    • Fill in names, ages, and signature field.
    • Forms can be delivered on-site or by email,, or fax to (818)-771-1379.
  9. Youth Group Name Tag packets will be available for pickup at the Convention in ACC North, 1st Floor.

Online Discount

  • Receive ONE FREE adult chaperone ticket for every 10 Teen Conference full weekend tickets purchased after the first 10 Teen Conference tickets.
    • The discount applies to the entire group purchase, not just the individual order. For instance, adding 5 tickets to an existing group of 16 people will qualify you for one free ticket.
  • The discount is calculated at the time of purchase and applies to the least expensive ticket purchased.
Example Discounts:
Teen Tickets Purchased: Free Tickets: Teen Tickets Needed for
Additional Free Ticket
10 0 10
15 0 5
20 1 Free 10
25 1 Free 5
30 2 Free 10
40 3 Free 10

Important Information

  • Prices: Youth groups using Online Registration may have the lower pre-registration price available to them until online registration closes. All onsite registrations will be charged the regular registration price.
  • Please review our Refund Policy. There will be no refunds for people who purchase tickets, but do not attend.