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Ingredients for a Spirit Filled Prayer Meeting

By Deacon Steve Greco

  1. Preparation in Advance of Prayer Meeting
    • Prayer for hearts to be opened for attendees
    • Spiritual Warfare
    • Repentance of Sin
    • Fast and pray to be used by the Lord
    • Prayer over room/chairs/entrances
    • Attend Mass day of meeting and regularly
    • Arrive early with core group for prayer
  2. Praise and Worship
    • Start on time
    • Let the Spirit lead
    • At least 30 minutes (try for 60 minutes or more)
    • Should be constant without talking
    • Group must get in communion with God
    • Encourage word gifts
    • Necessity for grace and healings
  3. One Accord Healing Prayer
    • Don’t rush the Spirit
    • Prayer without ceasing by entire group
  4. God’s Presence leads to Miracles
    • Hebrews 11:6.  One of the key fruits of the prayer meeting is an increase of faith
    • Fervent prayer leads to miracles
    • Expect God to act
    • Hear God’s voice
    • Learn to follow the Lord’s leading
  5. Leadership  Tools
    • Form strong core team
    • Identify gifts of prayer group members
    • Work with challenging members
    • Have a strong teaching
    • Allow atmosphere of love, hospitality, and acceptance
    • Strong e-mail/communication