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Young Adult Conference

Experience Your Life Transformed
by the Holy Spirit!

Part of the 2018 SCRC Convention

Saturday and Sunday
September 1 -2, 2018
Anaheim Convention Center & Arena

  • Live Music
  • Dynamic Presentations
  • Prayer Ministry
  • Adoration
  • Fellowship
  • Mass and Healing Service

    Intended for Ages 18-29
    Saturday and Sunday: $55
    Saturday Only: $45
    Sunday Only: $25
    Full Weekend (Regular Talks + Young Adult): $100

Young Adult Talks and Schedule
Convention Center Room 210
Saturday, September 1, 2018
9:00 am Praise & Worship Room 210
9:30 am -
4:30 pm
Breakout Room Throughout the day, attendees will have opportunities for activities in the Breakout Room with prayer ministry, special sharers, and more.
9:30 am Fr. Ethan Southard

Associate Pastor,
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church,
Santa Clarita, CA
"Renouncing the Lies in Our Life"

This talk will examine how living as a Beloved Community can help to reveal and renounce the lies that exist in not only our individual but communal lives. Can a million people be wrong - yes!! That and a whole lot more.
11:00 am Dr. Anthony Lilles

Academic Dean,
St. John’s Seminary
Camarillo, CA

and Fr. Robert Torczynski
“The Courage to Pray”

We live in an age of persecution where it takes courage to pray. Yet, it is not persecutors who make prayer a challenge. Rather, it is our own fear of love and the greatness of spirit it demands. Love always goes beyond the convenient and prayer makes the challenge of love ring in our hearts. We withdraw from prayer because we withdraw from the greatness love calls us to. How can such fearfulness be overcome? The Holy Spirit gives us the courage that lives in the Heart of God.
2:00 pm Fr. Robert Torczynski

Carthusian monk featured in the movie,
“Into Great Silence.”

and Dr. Anthony Lilles

"Living in the Presence of God in Today’s World”

Today’s world is hectic and fast-paced.  We often suffer from sensory overload.  At a deeper level, God is present too—in the silence of our hearts.  We’ll explore how God presence can fill your lives and bring you to total contentment.

3:30 pm Fr. Spencer Lewerenz

Associate Pastor,
Sacred Heart Church
Covina, CA
"Becoming Cornerstones: Bonding Through Our Authentic Selves"

In the upper room, Mary teaches us that the first step to building small groups and communities is to receive Christ’s Spirit of love so that we can bond in our common weakness and brokenness.  Learn what the spiritual masters teach us about surrendering our defenses and receiving the love that unites us.
6:45 pm Praise & Worship In the Arena
7:30 pm Arena Mass & Healing Service Celebrant: Bishop David O'Connell
Sunday, September 2, 2018
7:30 am Sunday Mass - Arena Celebrant: Fr. Patrick Crowley, SSCC
9:30 am -
12:00 pm
Bishop David O'Connell

San Gabriel Pastoral Region
Archdiocese of Los Angeles
Adoration and Prayer Ministry led by Bishop David.

Keith and Iwona Major

Stone to Flesh / Major Changes Ministries
Praise & worsip andprayer ministry team led by Keith and Iwona Major
1:45 pm Praise & Worship In the Arena
2:30 pm Closing Mass Celebrant: Bishop Joseph Brennan

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