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Audio and Video Recordings
Downloads, CDs and DVD recordings are available and for sale now!

Instant Download Recordings:

All talks are available for Instant Download from SCRC's Online Store right now!

Simply go to the 2017 Convention Page of the store, select the talk, and choose "Instant Download" as your format option. These recordings can be downloaded directly to your phone, computer, tablet, or other device or transfered to CD.

Audio CDs:
CDs are available directly from SCRC. Use this link to browse.

DVD Video:
DVD recordings for all the Christ Triumphant ("S") talks and many of the Arena ("A") talks are available for purchase directly from SCRC's Online Store.

Click here to Browse DVDs.

DVDs are available individually or as sets:
Christ Triumphant DVD Set.
Arena DVD Set.

Click here to browse and purchase.