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Teen Conference Guidelines

Online Teen Registration:

Online Registration is always preferred.
Youth Groups have access to special online prices and discounts. See this page for detailed information.
Regular teen registrations can electronically sign the medical consent form and quickly and easily register for the Teen Conference.

All online registrants receive a choice of a free download from the SCRC Online Store.

On-Site Teen Registration:

Before teens can be registered, Parent/Legal Guardian (21 or over) must sign Responsibility/Medical Agreement.
Youth Ministers must bring signed parent’s consent for teen to attend any part of this event.

Teen Conference Guidelines:

For Teens entering grades 6 - 12

Parent/Adult Chaperone (21 or over) must be registered and attending the Convention while the Teen Conference is in session.
• Parent/legal guardian must sign the Responsibility/Medical Agreement.
• It is the responsibility of the Parent/Adult Chaperone to make sure that the student arrives at each session. Students will not be released while program is in session.
• At the conclusion of each session, the students will be released and become the responsibility of the Parent/Adult Chaperone. The Teen Conference will end after the adult talks, to give the Parent/Adult Chaperones ample time to meet the students.

Parish Youth Group Guidelines:

• Youth Group adult chaperones (21 or over) are expected to stay with their groups throughout weekend.
• For every 10 High School students, one adult chaperone is required.
• For every 5 Middle School students, one adult chaperone is required.

Please review the Teen Conference Code of Conduct before arriving at the event.