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St. Apollinaris the Apologist

January 8
Born: 175

Second century bishop of Heirapolis, Phrygia. Held in high regard by other early saints including Saint Jerome and the historian Theodoret. Noted for writing a defense of the faith to Emperor Marcus Aurelius that reminded the Emperor of a miraculous victory that resulted from the prayers of Christian soldiers, and of his promise of protection for Christians. Worked and wrote against all the major heresies of his time, refuting them by logically destroying the heresy's philosophical roots. A prolific writer, most of his work has been lost over the centuries.

"We therefore grossly deceive ourselves in not allotting more time to the study of divine truths. It is not enough barely to believe them, and let our thoughts now and then glance upon them: that knowledge which shows us heaven, will not bring us to the possession of it, and will deserve punishments, not rewards, if it remain slight, weak, and superficial. By serious and frequent meditation it must be concocted, digested, and turned into the nourishment of our affections, before it can be powerful and operative enough to change them, and produce the necessary fruit in our lives. For this all the saints affected solitude and retreats from the noise and hurry of the world, as much as their circumstances allowed them." - St. Apollinaris

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