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Sts. Perpetua & Felicity

March 7
Martyrs, d. 203 in Carthage, North Africa

St. Perpetua... was born to a noble pagan family. Well-educated. Convert to Christianity. Wife and mother. Martyred with her maid, friend and fellow convert, St. Felicity. Perpetua, unwilling to renounce Christianity, comforted her father in his grief over her decision, "It shall happen as God shall choose, for assuredly we depend not on our own power but on the power of God." Perpetua's last words were to her brother: "Stand fast in the faith and love one another."

St. Felicity....Lay-woman, convert. Maid, friend, and fellow convert of St. Perpetua. Felicity was pregnant. (It was against the law for pregnant women to be executed. To kill a child in the womb was shedding innocent and sacred blood.) Two days before her martyrdom, Felicity gave birth to a healthy girl who was adopted and raised by one of the Christian women of Carthage.

Saints Perpetua and Felicity, watch over all mothers and children who are separated from each other because of war or persecution. Show a special care to mothers who are imprisoned and guide them to follow your example of faith and courage. Amen.

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